Prodomo Installaties BV

helps you get started making your home more sustainable. With the installation of electric floor heating, you make the switch to an environmentally friendly and gas-free future in a simple, quick and affordable way. A proven main heating system without radiators, spreading cozy and healthy warmth. A noiseless, maintenance-free heater, moreover, that only uses energy when it is needed.

With fast heating of the floor that, if desired, can be remotely controlled by app, per room, so economical. In addition, easy to install, with a low height build-up of the floor, up to 3 centimeters including top floor, so without major construction modifications. Curious? Please feel free to contact us. Our friendly professionals will be happy to assist you.

Electric floor heating is highly durable. It is calculated according to the Environmental Cost Indicator. The EQI calculates all relevant environmental burdens in the manufacture and use of a product and expresses them in monetary terms. For electric heating foil, the total lifetime MKI is €0.31 per m². In comparison, the MKI of an air-water heat pump is €9.58 per m². So that means that a heat pump (apart from energy consumption for heating) is 30x (!!!) worse for the environment than Karbonik heating foil.